Visitez Madagascar avec nos circuits de groupe, c'est abordable et plus convivial.

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May 2005

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July 2005

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Juin 2008
Madagascar Travel and Tour Information

Our wildlife and nature small group tours

We are organizing periodic small group tours since 2010 and following special events in touristic meaning.
We start this year to welcome the humpback whales season in Sainte-Marie, Madagascar.
Nature holidays offers the most competitive price with high quality of service.
Please visit our Group tours to and contact us for more information. We always follow you to conceive the best trip to Madagascar with Nature Holidays tour operator.

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Presentation of our company and group tour

Nature Holidays is an inbound tour operator. We are specialized of Madagascar. We have young and dynamic team with well chosen partners all over the country to satisfy our customers. We are represented in some countries. We prepare special group tours since this year. Please join us.

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Nature Holidays

generally organizes customized tours. Some classical tours suite most of tourists from different countries as well. Since the tour campaign of 2010, Nature Holidays is organizing small group tours with very competitive rate and high quality of service. For your wildlife safari and nature holidays, we help you to take any decision. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Whale's excursion

  • Duration 15 days, 14 nights
  • Date 16th to 30th August


Discovery of the South

  • Duration 14 days, 13 nights
  • Date 15th to 28th November


East Extension tour

available all along the year

  • Duration 8 days, 7 nights


Escapade to the West

  • Duration 15 days, 14 nights
  • Date 15th to 29th May


North tour

available all along the year

  • Duration 12 days, 11 nigths


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Peter Volf

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Avec vous, on a fait un voyage agréable à Madagascar. Nous pensons revenir. Encore merci

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